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Sept 19, 2016

  Piper a 6 yr old Friesian cross mare is here to be sold. Arliss rode her and found to be super sweet! She would be a great addition for anyone looking to step into the Dressage spot light! Kitty Kat  one of our OTTB's is ready to go to a light riding/Companion home only. She is for sale for a small fee of $1200, she is sound for walk/trot work at the moment but has a hard time with the canter....with time she could make a full recovery. Details can be given just send us an email! Juno is also pending sale we will find out for sure this weekend. That is great news! She has her first ride english and enjoyed coming into contact nicely!

  Africa was amazing in her lesson then Austyn decided to give her a try and the mare although a spicy redhead knew her place as a babysitter! We were so proud of both Austyn and Africa!  Baron and Winston both had lovely training rides today these two geldings are so much fun!

Oh new barn cat Roger made a full recovery after his dental surgery (that came with his adoption). He is home and sportin a lovely cone around his neck. He is not to happy with it but is glad to be back! 

Sept 18, 2016

 Wow the big star of the weekend was Ripley a 6 yr old pinto gelding. He is for sale people!!! Everyone here this weekend saw his kind soul as it is.  The young man (Hayden 12) really enjoyed taking the intro to jumping clinic with him. They were a perfect match but unfortunately Hayden is not in the market (his horse was just sore this weekend).  This horse trail rides really well to....nothing he can't do!  For $5500 he is a steal!

 Not a shocker Africa was a star as well but she is a sorrel mare and loves to please,  she was awesome for her beginner rider Kelly.  Lots of fun had by that pair! Africa at this time really isn't for sale unless I know the person really well and know she will be treated like the queen she is. Plus I am enjoying riding her again lol.

 Dori aka Shine on is sure doing great with her little rider Hailey! They are moving quickly towards the pony jumper ring! If anyone is looking for a nice do it all type of pony this is your girl!

 Bell, Paige and Wiff were also used in the clinic..... Paige and Wiff are our kids horses. Wiff a OTTB  and belongs to Vance and Paige is my daughters pony....both horses are here to stay for awhile...maybe forever.  Bell (4 YRS OLD) is so sweet and laid back totally chill and not  to worried about her life.....she has a very interested buyer (fingers crossed) but if not I know it won't be to long before this princess is in a nice adult amateur or Jr. show home!

The day ended with a group trail ride that was a lot of fun! Big Otto led the group and was a total trooper even with wind gusts up to 70km, a huge drop in temp and some rain! I didn't get to go but that is okay....My mother and me finished the stalls and got horses in.

After a weekend like this you wonder whats next all the horses and riders did so well! I am just so proud! 

Oh wait I know what is next....Dale clinic here this coming weekend. Stay tuned for more details!

Day 1 - Sept 16, 2016

Juno had another solid ride, this girl sure is special and oh so gentle. Magic is also doing well her ear issues (not so much ear more poll ...which we are going to get Jessie to look at) are getting much better....once she is bridled the true talent of this mare comes she is special. Why do I have all these great horses around....ugh I guess its a good problem to have!

 Training Horse Coco went outside for a ride today...he is going great. His owner Jeanette plans to use him as a low level cross country horse.  This gelding came to us with less then 30 days riding (done a while back) and he is 8 yrs old. Arliss has done a tremendous job with him. Making him safe and confident for his owner! 

 Hampton & Otto had a jumping lessons  today wow! Both geldings are getting super confident and are jumping well.   Otto schooled 1.30m again showing us he doesn't have to try very hard to get it right. Arliss is finally understanding the position needed for bigger fences!

Spruce ....only 25 days!!! We are all getting so excited to make our first trip out west!  The trailer tires and ball joints on the truck are being we should be ready to roll. 

Arrow missed out do to a scratch on his eye that is healing. We have decided to give him a month off so pulled his shoes and are allowing him some much needed down time!  Its not to serious but with so much going on thought he might enjoy a break!